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  • Are houses selling above or below list price?

    This question hit my inbox this morning. The answer is “mostly below on the average right now”. Here is a breakdown of the top 20 selling subareas in the region (as measured by their number of sales). Here’s how to read this: Banning Lewis Ranch is the number one selling subarea YTD and is closing […]

  • Subarea Spotlight: Banning Lewis Ranch

    Banning Lewis Ranch is currently the top selling subarea in town by number of sales in the last 30 days. The average closed price in BLR is $481,396. The median closed priced price is $475,000. The average days on market is 6.09 and the median is 29. Homes are selling at 5.86% under the original […]

  • Sales volume down 48.1% from Dec 2021. Home prices up .08%.

    We are over halfway through December and here’s where we stand right now. Sales volume is down 48.1% over this time last year (measuring the first nineteen days of both years). The bar chart below shows the total volume of sales by December since 1996 in blue. The red line is where we were sales […]

  • Closed and Active Inventory 5 Jun 22 Colorado Springs

    Here are the top 10 subareas by number of sales for the last 30 days. The blue bar represents the number of closed sales for the same, the orange the number of active listings. This is a pretty big shift from 6 weeks ago. This is a good thing for home buyers. Home sellers need […]

  • What a difference a month (and interest rates) makes

    Check these out. The graph on the right is five weeks ago and represents the 30 days prior to April 20th, 2022. The graph on the right was generated today 29 May 2022 and represents the previous 29 days. Inventory increased just over 2x in the top selling subarea of Banning Lewis Ranch while sales […]

  • PPAR Region May 2022 State of the Market

    Here’s a quick look at our market month to date. We are averaging $537K with just about nine days on the market. Cash is a smidge above 25% of the market, running about 6% above FHA, giving VA a run for its money at 26.6% and Conventional is leading at 29.1%. Banning Lewis Ranch continues […]

  • Top 10 Subareas Absorption Rates

    The absorption rate – abs rate – is a measure of inventory. How long will it take to “absorb” the current inventory? Below is a chart that displays as a function of comparing the closed and active listings the abs rates of the top 10 subareas by volume of sales over the last 30 days. […]

  • COS: Top 20 Subareas by Volume of Sales

    Banning Lewis Ranch (BLR) has overtaken Pueblo West YTD in volume of sales. The average price YTD in BLR is $550,712. The median is $550K.

  • COS Top 10 Subareas YTD

    Here are the top 10 regional subareas year to date by volume of sales. Banning Lewis Ranch gains on Pueblo West, Meridian Ranch not out of the running yet. Why is this important? To me, for me and my clients, it’s about knowing the market, what to expect, where to expect it. Eg., if you […]

  • Top 10 Zips and Subareas by Sales – YTD

    Here are the top 10 zip codes by volume of sales YTD. 80831 leads the pack with just under 100 sales at an average sales price of around $534K. And here are the top 10 subareas by volume of sales YTD. Pueblo West leads with app 35 sales and an average sales price just north […]