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  • Feb 2023 sales numbers close out down 29.6% YOY

    February 2023 closed down 29.6% from the previous year by number of sales. That is the second largest drop February to February as a percentage since at least 1996, eclipsed only by 2007-2008 which saw a 31.7% drop. Sales price was down app. $8,500 over last February. February 2011-2012 was the last time the average […]

  • Real estate prices and inflation

    I saw this morning someone post a generalized chart stating that real estate beats inflation. Let’s take a look at this locally. Below is about 22 years worth of average pricing, interest rates and inflation numbers. While real estate is largely tracking inflation the last couple of years, we do have a situation that hasn’t […]

  • hypercoherence

    Defined as the state where interdependencies are so complex that stability becomes ever harder to maintain. It is somewhat counterintuitive. We tend to think interdependency equals stability and I think this is true to some extent. But too far becomes codependency and destabilization. I need to study this more.